• Shandong Daqiao Co., Limited.
    • Tel: +86 532 85719155/85719176
    • Fax:+86 532 85719186
    • Add:Room 105, Block 3,No.20 West of Yinchuan road, Qingdao, China
    • E-mail:info@daqiaorefractory.com
    • Manufactory: Shandong Daqiao Refractory Plant / ShanDong Luqiao New Material CORP.
    • Add: West of Renmin Road, Boshan, Zibo,  Shandong, China  /   Luqiao Road, New Material Industry Area,  Boshan Economic Development Zone, Zibo,  Shandong, China
    • Main production equipment of Daqiao
      No.NameCapacityQuantityStatus of equipment
      1160m tunnel kiln1500t/month1Running well (silica)
      2180m tunnel kiln1500t/month2Running well (silica)
      3186m tunnel kiln1500t/month1Running well (silica)
      4203m tunnel kiln1800t/month1Running well (silica)
      592.1m tunnel kiln 1500t/month 2 Running well (fireclay)
      686m tunnel kiln 1200t/month 1 Running well (fireclay)
      780m tunnel kiln 1200t/month 2 Running well (fireclay)
      8Shuttle kilns 30m3 4 Running well
      9Shuttle kilns 100m3 2 Running well
      10Numerical control moulds making department   5sets Running well
      11Silica bricks' natural gas supply equipment 20000m3/day 3 Running well
      12 Fireclay bricks' natural gas supply equipment 18000m3/day 3 Running well
      13 Shuttle kilns' natural gas supply equipment 15000m3/day 2 Running well
      14 Fraction press(over 300t) 20t/set.day 60 sets Running well(silica、fireclay)
      15 Hydraulic pressure (1000t) 20t/day 1 set Running well
      16 Cone crusher 50t/8hour 3 sets Running well (silica)
      17 Ball mill 1.83×8m 8 sets Running well(silica、fireclay)
      18 Wet pan mill 30t/8hour 20 sets Running well (silica)
      19 50t dry edge-runner mill 50t/day 10 sets Running well(silica、fireclay)
      20 Mixing and tempering mill 10t/8hour 8 sets Running well (fireclay)
      21 30t dry edge-runner mill 30t/day 2 sets Running well (fireclay)
      22 Hydraulic vibrating shaper 5t/day 5 sets Running well
      23 Jaw crusher 600mm 10 sets Running well
      24 Computerized Drying tunnel L25M 100 sets Running well
      25 Iron-removal equipment Bag style iron removal with high attraction and rolling character 5 sets Running well
      26 Warehouse   200000m2 Running well
      27 Equipment for testing Full sets of equipment for testing of silica、fireclay and high alumina bricks can meet all the requirements of clients.